HBCU Buzz Launches Interactive Events Site

HBCU Buzz's HBCU Events website is a resource for HBCU students, graduates to discover black college related events

With so much political change taking place this year, it can be hard to keep up when you want to be involved.  Now there is a platform for everyone to stay up to date.  The HBCU Events platform is more needed than ever.  The site will serve as a haven for those determined to show up and be involved, as well as the masterminds who will plan how everything is set up. Users can create events and sell tickets for a variety of events including social justice classes, virtual talks, conferences, community rallies, concerts, fundraisers and contests. 

One of the first big events being organized through the site will commemorate the 57th anniversary of the historic Million Man March. On August 28, 2020, the Commitment March event will be a call to action supporting NAN’s initiatives for increased voter turnout, police accountability reform, and completing the census.  The HBCU Buzz team and partners are hosting an HBCU Meetup during the march at McPherson Square Park. 

If you have an event on your campus or in your HBCU community that you would like others to be a part of, create an account and post about it. You can include time, location, flyer images, and more. Click here to get started and make sure you stay in the know.


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