Founder, Luke Lawal Receives BET Award

Luke Lawal Jr. is DC native was honored at the BET Awards 2022 with the ‘Shine a Light Award’ sponsored by Walmart for his selfless efforts to give back to his community through his many ventures, including HBCU Buzz.

Lawal Jr. is not someone who can be put into one box, or labeled as one thing. Over the course of his career, he has crossed a variety of different fields and continues to do so but the one thing that has never changed is his entrepreneurial spirit.

Growing up in DC, and the son of HBCU alums, it was never a question whether Lawal Jr. would attend an HBCU. Lawal Jr.’s mother attended Howard University and his father was a Bowie State University alum. He decided to take the same route as his father, but attended Bowie State with a track athlete. In an interview with HBCU 101, he discussed how his decision changed the course of his life.

“Everyone looked like me, everyone wanted to help me, so it helped me balance it all, being an athlete and biochem major,” He told HBCU 101. “I wouldn’t be the man who I am today if it wasn’t for Bowie State University.”

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HBCU Buzz Founder and CEO Luke Lawal Jr. talks about his path to entrepreneurship, how his time at an HBCU shaped his identity and the core values that guide him, presented by Walmart.